Busy busy busy

Long time no post!  Not because I haven’t been crocheting – because I have – but because I’ve been so busy!

I decided to make a dog blanket for one of the managers at work, because he’s such a nice guy and working with him is stress-free and laid back.  It’s supposed to be a Christmas present, so all other projects have been put on hold until it’s done.  I followed the Scrappy Steps Afghan pattern, but only used three colors.  It looks great, and I’m very happy with it, but the nature of the pattern means that there are a shit-ton of ends to weave in.  Normally, I weave the ends in as I go along so that there isn’t a lot of weaving in at the end.  This time though, I ended up restarting the blanket a few times to fix/change a few things, so I decided to leave the weaving in for later.  Regretting that now, ugh.

The Supernatural scarf is on hold because of the dog blanket, but there’s really not too much more that needs to be done.  I might pull it out and play around with it today for a little bit, give myself a break from weaving in ends, lol.

I also joined a crochet pen-pals thing on tumblr.  We crochet a little something every month and mail it out, and every month has a theme.  Like I don’t have enough to do, lol.  January’s theme (which has to be mailed by the beginning of the month) is ‘winter’, so I’m doing a snowflake jar.  Well, planning on doing, I haven’t actually started it yet.  But  I have a plan, and supplies, so that’s half the battle, right?

So, I have all that going on right now, and work, and the holidays, and what have I been spending my nights doing?  Making snowflakes out of cotton yarn for a garland for my front room.  Yep.  Because I have to have one, because we don’t really get snow down here and it’s December and I miss the cold and snow from up north.  Not that we ever got any real snow until January, but still.  It’s been in the upper 60’s the past few days.  I’ve gone out without a coat!  In December!  That’s just wrong.



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