Christmas crafting

As I was putting up Christmas decorations in my front room, I came across an old, cheap, plastic village set that my parents used to set up many many many years ago, and that I remember loving as a kid.  I decided to set it up under my little tree, but it needed a light strand.  The set is only 9 houses, and it was difficult to find a set of lights that small and on a white cord.  So I ended up getting a string of 20 lights and a ball of Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in white, and made them white.

I followed Moogly’s pattern for an ear bud cover, and used an E (3.5mm) hook.  It took me two days, because I started in the evening after work, but it could easily be finished in one day.

cord cover 1cord cover 2 pink tree 1

I think this would be really cute done in different colors, or varigated yarn, if you’re the sort to decorate with fairy lights year-round.  The cord doesn’t get hot at all, and the lights don’t get too hot either, so I think it would pretty safe.  Obviously you wouldn’t want to leave them on and leave the house, just to be on the safe side, but other than that no worries.

I also got an idea from the Red Heart yarn blog, about easy Christmas ornaments to make with yarn.  I think it was in a ‘crafting with kids’ type of post, but I saw it on Facebook and was all, ‘Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?!’

Take an empty ornament, the kind you can buy to fill, and stuff it full of yarn scraps.  It couldn’t be easier!  I save all my yarn scraps to use as stuffing in toys, so it was just a matter of pulling out the colors I wanted and stuffing them into the ornament.  I also used a pen to pack them down a bit.

ornamentSuper easy and super cute!  This is going on the tree at work.




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