Manager gifts

I had crocheted a nice blanket for one of the managers at work, then decided to make one for another manager, then when that was done decided to make a coffee mug cozy for the store admin.

Then I felt like I should make something for the rest of the managers, so I decided on a simple coffee sleeve pattern that I cold whip out quickly and used yarn from my stash.  Yay for de-stashing!

For the coffee sleeves I followed this pattern, which looks fancy but is really super simple.  I would suggest using stitch markers to mark the last stitch in each row, because it’s very easy to miss a stitch.

beverage sleevesI used this pattern for the mug cozy, which again was super simple and easy.  I did end up adding another row, because when I tested it on one of my mugs it only came up about halfway.  I also chained more for the loop so it would be easier to get over the button.  I would suggest not fastening off your loop chain until you’re sure that it’ll work for you.

mug cozyI also made quick info tags for them on my computer, with washing instructions.

I left them on everyone’s desk – wrapped of course – when I went to work yesterday, so I’m not sure how everyone liked them.  I’m working tonight, so I’m sure I’ll find out then.


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