Shades of Blue blanket

I decided to make my niece E a blanket for her January birthday. She was turning four, but if you ask her now, she’s still three. She had an actual meltdown about turning four; she did not want to have a birthday.  What kid doesn’t want to have a birthday?  This one, apparently.

She was fine by the time she had the party with all her friends, but she still says she’s three when you ask her.  My sister is not pushing it.  If she wants to be three, she’s three.

E’s favorite color is blue, so I gathered up all the different kinds of blues I had in my stash, and got to work.  I decided to do this in the tail-end of November, so I picked a pattern that would be super easy and quick since her birthday is January 4th.

shades of blue 2

I went with a simple, four-round granny square, turning after each round.  I like how turning after each round creates a ridged effect in the square.  Plus, I feel that it keeps the square from getting cock-eyed like if it was all worked in the same direction.  You know how granny squares seem to tilt a little bit?  Turning after each round seems to stop that.

Joining as I went along helped it work up quickly.  I loved seeing those rows build and build.

For the border, I used Bunny Mummy’s method of crocheting around joined granny squares.  Doing the first round of the border this way helps to keep it flat.  I knew that I wanted a small, simple border, so I did my first round in single crochet grannies, then did a second round in regular single crochet.

shades of blue 3

Where the squares joined, I actually did half-double crochets because of the way they dipped in a bit.  That helped keep the border even all the way around.

It ended up being 46 inches long and 35 inches wide.  Ten squares down and eight squares across.  The perfect size for a four three-year-old.

I finished it – washing and drying and photographing – on the day of her birthday. Phew!  Nothing like cutting it super close, lol!

My sister and niece came over that afternoon, so I was able to give it to her right away.  She loved it!  She loved all the different blues, and loved that it had holes in it that she could see through.  The next day my sister texted me and told me that E took the blanket to bed with her without being asked!  And then a few days later she told me that when they cuddle on the couch, E brings the blanket with her.  My sister is happy that she no longer has to share her blanket when they cuddle, lol.

Hearing how much E loves her blanket just fills my heart with joy.

Having someone say how much they love something I made them and how beautiful they think it is, definitely makes me happy.  But knowing that they use it all the time and love it that much, makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.  It’s definitely a different feeling, at least for me.




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