New month, new planner!

Last November, I had A LOT of crochet projects going on, and was struggling to really get anywhere with them or focus on them.  So I decided to start a ‘Bitches Get Shit Done’ book to help me keep track of everything, and stay motivated to actually do it, and to hold myself accountable for it.

It worked!  And I loved the feeling of making a list for every day in the week, then crossing off that list every day.  It really helped me not only with my crochet projects, but also with the things that I needed to do but never actually got around to doing.  You know, ‘I really need to do X’ and then just keep on not doing it.  If I wrote it down, it would get done.

So I kept it up through December and January, until I ran out of pages.

I used a 100 page ruled notebook that I bought on clearance at Target a few years ago.  It was the perfect size.  I had actually bought two of them, so I set up the second one for the months of February, March, and April.

It’s not that big, just 7 inches by 5 inches, but it’s the perfect size for me.  I can fit three months in one notebook.

bgsd fma 16 1


My motivational inside cover quote, and some gold stars and happy stickers for when I finish everything on a page.  You’re never too old for gold stars and stickers!

bgsd fma 16 2


I like to have a small, pull-out calendar so that I don’t have to keep flipping back and forth as I plan my week.  I printed this one off the internet.  For this month I used the pocket that was already there, but for the other months I’ll add a pocket to the back of the last page of the previous month.

bgsd fma 16 3

My life is not that busy to warrant a full, real, planner/bullet-journal deal – as you can see.  I don’t have kids to shuttle around, I don’t have appointments to keep, I just have work and me and the things I want/need to get done.  So this works for me.  Each page is one day, and since I don’t have that super busy life, it’s plenty of room.

In my previous book I did paste down movie/event tickets, and pictures I took, so it worked as little mini-journal as well as a planner.  Since I don’t do an actual journal journal, I really enjoyed that part.

I also like to keep track of how many books I read in a month, and how many times I go walking.  Last month’s totals are in the lower right corners of the pages.

bgsd fma 16 4

bgsd fma 5


I’m really looking forward to filling this up, lol.  All those clean, empty pages are just full of possibilities!



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