My yarn has always been a kind of organized, in that it was – mostly – in bins in the attic.  There were shopping bags up there, too, not gonna lie.  But it wasn’t in any kind of order; it was just thrown into bins and bags willy-nilly, so that anytime I wanted or needed something I had to go through everything in order to find it.  Which was fine.  Whatever.  It worked, kind of.  I had a vague idea of what I had.

Lately though I’ve been feeling the urge to get it sorted, even if I’ve been to busy to do anything about it.

Until Thursday.  Thursday was the first of two days off in a row.  Thursday was going to be the day.  Even though I was working the closing shift on Wednesday, yarn was going to be put in it’s place on Thursday.

Wednesday afternoon I brought down all the plastic tubs and shopping bags of yarn from the attic.  I pulled all the skeins out of the shoe organizer hanging on a wall in my craft closet.  I took the shoe organizer full of yarn off of the back of my front room door.  I piled it all in my front room in preparation for Thursday.  This is what I had when I left for work that evening:

yarn stash 11

This is ALL OF MY YARN, except for what’s being used for my current works in progress.  I knew I had a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much until I dug into the pile on Thursday.


yarn stash 1

This is everything sorted out by color. Yeesh.  Most of it I purchased, but some if it I ‘inherited’ from other people.  The Walmart bag in the middle of the picture contains a half-knitted baby blanket plus yarn that was included in some of the yarn I was given.  I do not knit, so one of my coworkers is going to take it.


yarn stash 2

This is yarn that is earmarked for specific projects, to be completed…eventually.  One day, these will be lovely finished objects.  But for now they get their own bin:

yarn stash 10


Once that was taken care of I started putting the yarn back into the bins – by color, and rewinding balls/skeins as necessary as I went along.

yarn stash 3

Best. Purchase. Ever.  I don’t use this all the time, but man am I glad I had it on hand.  It was a lifesaver.


yarn stash 4

It took most of the day, but now my stash is nicely organized by color.  So now I won’t have to dig through all the boxes and bags in order to find the yarn that I’m looking for.

The tubs on the left are what most of the yarn was in before.  The drawers on the right came from my late-grandpa’s house, and were sitting empty.  Yay for not having to buy storage!

It’s all back in the attic now, nice and neat. And I have extra storage in my craft closet, because the shoe/yarn organizer is now empty!



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