Arctic Sky baby blanket

When Moogly posted her Easy Log Cabin pattern a few months ago, my immediate reaction was, ‘oooh, pretty!  want!’.  I mean, look at those gorgeous colors!

Easy Log Cabin Afghan - free crochet pattern on!

I don’t, however, need another blanket.

So I admired it and moved on, but it stayed in the back of my mind, and it kept popping up on tumblr and twitter and facebook.  So pretty.  Such beautiful colors.  So do not need.  Sigh.

Then in early January I was at my niece’s birthday party – the niece who (still!) refuses to turn four – and noticed that one of my sister’s friends was pregnant.  Perfect!  I could make the blanket for her!  She’s someone I’m familiar with – she’s a yoga teacher and I’ve taken a few of her classes, and I’ve hung out with her and my sister and their kids a few times – so we’re not total strangers, so it (hopefully) wasn’t weird that I wanted to make her a baby blanket.  She didn’t seem to think it was weird, anyway.

I found out the colors she liked  – purple, no pink! – and went shopping the next day.  I’d looked online at the Lion Brand website to check what colors were available in the yarn Moogly’d used for the pattern.  There was a nice purple/blue/grey colorway called Arctic Sky that seemed like it would be perfect.

Product 931-203

It took going to a few different stores before finally finding the yarn at AC Moore.  I bought five skeins for a baby blanket size.

The pattern was super easy, and the yarn worked up beautifully.  The blanket came out so soft and fluffy and cuddly, especially after being washed.  While this yarn was lovely to work with, it is a little pricey, imo.  Or I’m just not used to buying ‘fancy’ yarn,  haha.  But I think that any yarn with long color changes would look wonderful with this pattern.

I used the recommended hook size, but my blanket came out just a smidge smaller than the pattern estimated.  It ended up being 32 inches square, which is still a good size for a baby blanket.

Arctic Sky BB blanket 3

I found the colors so peaceful and calm and soothing, and I thought it be perfect for my sister’s friend, with all the yoga and meditation she does.  Well, she absolutely loved it!  Which of course made me happy.

This pattern really is so easy, that I think it’s going to become my go-to baby blanket pattern!



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