Tuesday Ten

When I decided to restart my blog, I came across this post about how to make quick posts in ten minutes.  It sounded like good advice, and something fun to try, so I followed a couple prompt blogs on tumblr and started stockpiling prompts and writing in a notebook.

So here is the first post of what I hope becomes a weekly thing: Tuesday Ten!

Prompt found here.

l’altare by eleonora castagnozzi

I don’t now if this is a church, but it reminds me of one.  And ever since I found out that you can buy and live in decommissioned churches, I’ve wanted to live in one.  I’m not particularly religious, but I love the beauty of the stained glass, all that color, and the grandeur of the buildings, especially the really really old ones.  All the craftsmanship that went into those buildings, you don’t find that too much these days.

I cried when I visited Notre Dame back in 2004 (the church in Paris not the college), because it’s such a beautiful building with so much history, and I couldn’t believe I was standing in the middle of it.

There’s an old church in Beaverville, Il. that is just amazing.  It has a gorgeous rose window, and it’s in the middle of nowhere.  I came across it one day when I was out just wandering in the car.

So, yes, living in an old church.  That’s the dream.




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