Tuesday Ten

I’ve spent the past week suffering from a sinus… thing.  It was awful, and I got next to nothing done.  I’m only now starting to feel better.  I’ll do my best to get a crochet post up this week, but in the meantime have another ten-minute writing exercise.

One home improvement I would like to do is:

I would love to convert the unused area of the attic.  We have part of the attic for storage, but most of the attic space over the house is empty.  Well, not empty really, but it’s taken up by ‘the octopus’.  Our HVAC system is up there, and instead of ductwork, it’s all tentacles spreading out all over the attic.

octopus monster

This is just a portion of it.

If we could somehow change that, and move the joists/support beams up higher, I would love to have a nice big craft room up there.  We’d also have to insulate and run electric and ductwork, but if that could all magically happen – along with a few more windows – I think it would be the perfect crafting space.





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