Today my mom and I went to my late grandpa’s house to steal trees

Well, to take cuttings from his two dogwood trees in the hopes of getting baby dogwood trees.

dogwood 1

He had a white one and a pink one, so we took cuttings from both trees.  I know it’s not the best time of year to do this – it really should be done when the tree is done blooming – but we’ve put my grandpa’s house on the market and we don’t know how long it’s still going to be ours.  So we went today and got what we wanted.


dogwood 2

I took three pink cuttings and three white cuttings.  Right now, they’re sitting on the workbench in the garage, but tomorrow I’ll find a better spot to keep them while they do their thing.  Hopefully everything will work out, and take root, and my parents and my sister and I will all have a dogwood or two from grandpa.


I’m also experimenting with a pink cutting in water, in my window.  Just to see what happens.  Maybe it’ll grow!


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