Car blanket, Mazda 6 version

Ever since I learned to crochet I’ve made blankets to keep in my cars.  They really come in handy on those cold winter mornings.  I live in North Carolina now, but I used to live up near Chicago, and blankets were a must for the frigid mornings!  I still use a blanket in my car on winter mornings, even though the winters down here are nowhere near what they are up north.

And, silly as it sounds, the blanket has to match the car.  Obviously.  🙂

I got a new car recently, so of course I had to make a new blanket to go with it!

mazda6 01

Oooh, shiny.

Making the basket weave stitch has been on my ‘try to do’ list for years, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  I followed b.hooked’s Basket Weave Baby Blanket pattern, and added a wide border around it.  I thought this stitch would be complicated, but it’s really not!  It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

For my blanket I chained 112 with an I hook (I tend to chain tight) and then switched to an H hook for the rest.  I really could have chained more, but by the time I realized that I felt I was too far along to go back and start over.  So I added a wide border to make up for it.  Lesson learned!

It’s really more of a lap blanket than a blanket blanket, as it only covers down to my ankles.  I didn’t want anything interfering with the pedals in the car.  To figure out the width and length, I sat in my car and measured across my lap and the sides of the seat and from my lap to my ankles.

Car blanket M6 4

I used Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn from Michael’s in navy and heather, to match the paint and the interior of my car.

Car blanket M6 5

Please ignore how very dirty my car is in this picture.  But if you want to look closely, you can see some pawprints from the neighborhood cats.  That’s kind of my indicator that I really need to wash my car, when the pawprints start showing up.  🙂

This blanket is so soft and toasty warm, and I love the texture of it.  I can totally see why so many people use this stitch for baby blankets


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