Staycation To-do List

I have the house to myself this week (yay!), so I took this week off of work for a little staycation – to enjoy having the place to myself for a WHOLE WEEK.

snoopy dance

I also made up a to-do list for this week, because I’ve kind of been letting things go and putting things off, and I’d like to use this week to get things taken care of and off my ‘man, I really need to do X’ list.

So here is my to-do list for the week:

Cleaning stuff:

  • Unfuck dresser
  • Unfuck closet
  • Box of papers in craft closet
  • Work on boxes from attic
  • Unfuck nightgown drawer
  • Switch out seasonal clothes
  • Thin out bookshelves
  • Deep clean bathroom


Crafty stuff:

  • Fix 31 blanket
  • Fitbit wristband
  • Coffee sleeve
  • Totebag pocket
  • New purse?
  • Fix walking shirts
  • Seaglass suncatcher
  • Crochet wire plants
  • Crochet bath poufs
  • Alligator pencil case


I’ll check in at the end of week and we can see how much I actually got accomplished.  Hopefully, it’s a lot.  In the meantime:

lets get dirty


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