Staycation To-do list, updated!

I go back to work tonight (boo!), so I thought today would be a good time to post about what I managed to get done off of my staycation to-do list.

So let’s get to it!

Cleaning stuff:

  • Unfuck dresser – 7/11
  • Unfuck closet – 7/14
  • Box of papers in craft closet – 7/11
  • Work on boxes from attic – 7/16
  • Unfuck nightgown drawer – 7/10
  • Switch out seasonal clothes
  • Thin out bookshelves – 7/13
  • Deep clean bathroom

Crafty stuff:

  • Fix 31 blanket – 7/13
  • Fitbit wristband – 7/13
  • Coffee sleeve
  • Totebag pocket
  • Fix walking shirts
  • Seaglass suncatcher – 7/10
  • Crochet wire plants
  • Crochet bath poufs – 7/12 – 7/16
  • Alligator pencil case

Not bad, not bad.  Not as much crafting as I wanted, but I really  needed to do the cleaning stuff more, so… *shrug*

In addition to the above I also vacuumed and turned my mattress; washed my mattress pad; changed my sheets; did laundry; put away laundry; washed and put away six sets of sheets; went grocery shopping; weaved in ends on a baby blanket; listed some books on PaperBack Swap; mailed out some books; dropped stuff off at Goodwill; updated my crochet and regular journals; washed and put away towels; set up my new planner for the next three months; and planted flowers outside.

So, a staycation well-spent I guess.



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