Purple Corner Granny

The store admin at the store I work in is leaving us soon – her husband was transferred to Texas (he’s already there) and she’s moving as soon as their house sells.

She’s such a nice person, and that job is probably the hardest job in the store, so I wanted to make her something as a thank you for all she does for us.  I not-at-all-subtley asked for her favorite color, then told her to nevermind why when she asked why I was asking, lol.

I knew I wanted to make a throw, but it needed to be something easy that could be worked up quick.  After searching Ravelry I settled on this pattern from Lion Brand yarn.  A simple granny blanket, with a twist.  The pattern calls for Vanna’s Choice, but I used Red Heart because of both the color selection and the amount of yarn you get per skein.

I used Pale Plum, Lavender, Medium Purple, and Dark Orchid.

Ta-da!  43 inches square of soft, cuddly blanket!






Little Box of Crochet

I know I’m super late to this party, but I got my first LBoC box just before Christmas, and I’m so thrilled with everything inside it I just wanted to share!

For those who don’t know, Little Box of Crochet is a UK-based subscription box company.  Every month they send you a little box of crochet which has a pattern and everything you need to complete the project, plus a few extra goodies.

Since I signed up on one of the last days of November, and (at the time) they ship out based on your subscription date, I received the November box a few days before Christmas.


There’s two patterns in the little booklet – one for a fall wreath and one for a brooch.  Since I’m not really a ‘brooch person’ I’ll probably make that into another hanging decoration.  I love how they literally send you everything you’ll need – including a darning needle!


They included this cute hook in the proper size for the pattern and yarn, a wire hoop for the base of the wreath, a pin back for the brooch, and a darning needle.

I also LOVE that ‘Hey Hey Let’s Crochet’ sticker.  I want that on a pin!


Love these colors!  This is Petra 3 by DMC, and it’s a lot thinner than the yarn I’m used to working with but I’m looking forward to the challenge.


Look at this adorable stitch marker!


Green velvet ribbon to hang the wreath and make a bow for the brooch.


And this cute little card, from Posy & Petal, which I’m planning on sending on to an internet friend who’s going through a rough patch right now.  Hopefully it’ll bring a bit of cheer.

I’m really looking forward to digging into this box and making these patterns, though I can’t say for sure when that’s going to be.

Fancy vacation yarn

At the beginning of October I took a semi-spur-of-the-moment vacation to the Outer Banks.  I’ll do a whole post about that later, but for now this post is about the fancy (for me) yarn that I brought back from that vacation.

There’s a local yarn store in Hatteras, NC called Blue Pelican.  I think I picked up a brochure from the information center I stopped at while I had a bridge-related freak-out (big bridges over large bodies of water freak me out; islands = bridges did not occur to me when planning this vacation).  Or I picked it up once I got on Hatteras Island, I’m not sure.  In any case, local yarn store!  They also have locally made jewelry and art.

I was on the Outer Banks just days before Hurricane Matthew would swing past, so when I stopped at Blue Pelican they were in the process of packing up some of the store in preparation.  Even so, the two women who were working were very friendly and welcoming, and one – not sure if she was the owner or not – even went online and looked up some patterns that I could use with the yarn I was considering.

I explained to her that I don’t buy fancy yarn at all, because I mainly make blankets so I use inexpensive acrylic yarns like Red Heart and Loops and Threads and the like.  And fancy yarns tend to come in small amounts compared to the acrylic yarns that I’m never sure how much to buy or what to make.  So her looking up patterns for me was above and beyond in my opinion.  She even printed one out for me!

They were having a sale on a bunch of yarn, so I was able to justify to myself buying six balls of yarn, lol.  All machine washable, because I don’t hand-wash anything.


Euro Baby Maypole yarn, in light blue, green, and purple;  and green, blue, and brown.  It was 50% off, so I bought everything they had in these colors. It was probably for the best that this was all they had.

I’m going to use the green/blue/brown yarn to make a wrap, because the colors remind me of the ocean and the sand and the grasses on the dunes.  I think it’ll make a fantastic reminder of my trip!


I’m not sure yet what I’m going to make with the peacock-colored yarn, but it was too pretty to leave behind.


It’s such soft and squishy yarn, too!  I’m really looking forward to working with it.


Ikea hack

A couple of years ago my dad built some bookcases for me, and because the ceilings in the new(ish, now) house are 9 feet high he built the bookcases 8 feet tall.  Great!  More room for books!

Except, even though I’m 5foot 8inches I still needed help getting to the top shelves.  So I picked up a Bekvam stepstool from Ikea.  I knew I wanted to do something to it, I didn’t want to just leave it plain, but it took me a while to figure out what to do.


Finally, this year I had a plan.  And, unsurprisingly, that idea involved crochet.

First, I stained the stool using a water-based wood stain in a white wash color.  Only two coats though, because I wanted the grain to show through.  When that was done I crocheted some ‘socks’ using Bernat Super Value from my stash in the Pizazz colorway.  Which, by the way, I could not find ANYWHERE when the skein ran out on me.  I didn’t have a full skein to start with, as I’d used it for another project.  So instead of covering all eight leg sections (four on the floor and four above the first step) I was only able to do four.


I decided to stagger them, because why not.  I really like the way it looks; I’m not sure I would have liked all the leg parts covered.  This way there’s just enough color.  I crocheted each sock flat, and then sewed them on.


Evergreen blanket

A while ago when I organized my stash, I discovered that I had a TON of Caron Perfect Match in Evergreen.  I want to say it was something like seven skeins and balls of yarn, but I didn’t count.  I should have.

I don’t remember buying it, so it must have been given to me by someone cleaning out their own stash.  Years ago my mom (who also crochets) received a few bags of yarn from a co-worker, and I’m pretty sure the Caron came from that.

Over the summer I was looking for a simple project I could work on while marathoning season one of Supernatural, and remembered all that green yarn upstairs in the attic.  DING DING DING.  I wanted something easy that I didn’t really have to concentrate on, something mindless that I didn’t have to think about.


Back-loop only double-crochet to the rescue!

I didn’t have a set size I was working towards, I was just crocheting until the yarn ran out.  I didn’t even make of note of what my beginning chain was.  Oops!  Oh, well.  It ended up being 47 inches wide and 50 inches long.  Not a bad size at all.


I don’t really need another blanket – not that that’s ever stopped any of us before! – so from the beginning I was planning on donating this blanket somewhere.  Hopefully somewhere local, to someone or someplace that could really use it.

I finished the blanket at the end of September but before I could really figure out a place to donate it, Hurricane Matthew moved along the coasts of the Carolinas.  A woman I work with started collecting items for the flood victims, and that seemed like the perfect place for this blanket.  I live and work closer to the mountains in North Carolina than the coast, but I’d been on the Outer Banks – for the first time – just days before the hurricane.

Hopefully this blanket will bring some small comfort to someone who needs it.

Car seat blanket

Three months since my last post – yikes!  A lot has happened in those three months, though, so I will hopefully have more posts up soon.  I just need to buckle down and DO IT.


Over the summer my sister paid me to make a baby blanket for my niece’s dance teacher.  I offered my sister a few patterns to choose from, she picked one and bought the yarn and paid me for labor.  Yay, money!

I used the Easy Car Seat Blanket pattern by Tw-In Stitches, which has a nifty opening for the buckle part of the car seat so the blanket doesn’t slide off.  I did have to make some changes and adjustments because I was using regular yarn instead of baby yarn, but since the pattern is easy it wasn’t that hard to change things.



I used Red Heart yarn in Monet and Pale Yellow.  For the ruffley border I did a single-crochet base in Monet, and then triple-crocheted around.  I can’t remember if I did 2 TC in each SC, or 2 TC and then 1 TC, and I didn’t make note of it in Ravelry or my crochet journal.  Damn.

Because the top (above the buckle opening) was only slightly longer than the part below the opening, I added a single-crochet row of Monet so that Mom would be able to easily tell the ends apart.


Apparently yesterday was  a journal day.

I’d taken a trip into Charlotte last week to visit some art museums, and yesterday I got around to entering that trip into my travel journal.

travel journal

I hit the Bechtler, the Mint Museum Uptown, and the Mint Museum Randolph all in one day. Which was kind of a lot, but it’s an hour trip into Charlotte, so I wanted the day to be worth it.

After I spent literally the entire morning working on that entry, I took a lunch break, then updated my crochet journal with my latest finished project.  Which I still need to post here.

crochet journal

I didn’t do much else yesterday besides work on my journals, but sometimes you just need a day like that.