Apparently yesterday was  a journal day.

I’d taken a trip into Charlotte last week to visit some art museums, and yesterday I got around to entering that trip into my travel journal.

travel journal

I hit the Bechtler, the Mint Museum Uptown, and the Mint Museum Randolph all in one day. Which was kind of a lot, but it’s an hour trip into Charlotte, so I wanted the day to be worth it.

After I spent literally the entire morning working on that entry, I took a lunch break, then updated my crochet journal with my latest finished project.  Which I still need to post here.

crochet journal

I didn’t do much else yesterday besides work on my journals, but sometimes you just need a day like that.


Staycation To-do list, updated!

I go back to work tonight (boo!), so I thought today would be a good time to post about what I managed to get done off of my staycation to-do list.

So let’s get to it!

Cleaning stuff:

  • Unfuck dresser – 7/11
  • Unfuck closet – 7/14
  • Box of papers in craft closet – 7/11
  • Work on boxes from attic – 7/16
  • Unfuck nightgown drawer – 7/10
  • Switch out seasonal clothes
  • Thin out bookshelves – 7/13
  • Deep clean bathroom

Crafty stuff:

  • Fix 31 blanket – 7/13
  • Fitbit wristband – 7/13
  • Coffee sleeve
  • Totebag pocket
  • Fix walking shirts
  • Seaglass suncatcher – 7/10
  • Crochet wire plants
  • Crochet bath poufs – 7/12 – 7/16
  • Alligator pencil case

Not bad, not bad.  Not as much crafting as I wanted, but I really  needed to do the cleaning stuff more, so… *shrug*

In addition to the above I also vacuumed and turned my mattress; washed my mattress pad; changed my sheets; did laundry; put away laundry; washed and put away six sets of sheets; went grocery shopping; weaved in ends on a baby blanket; listed some books on PaperBack Swap; mailed out some books; dropped stuff off at Goodwill; updated my crochet and regular journals; washed and put away towels; set up my new planner for the next three months; and planted flowers outside.

So, a staycation well-spent I guess.


Staycation To-do List

I have the house to myself this week (yay!), so I took this week off of work for a little staycation – to enjoy having the place to myself for a WHOLE WEEK.

snoopy dance

I also made up a to-do list for this week, because I’ve kind of been letting things go and putting things off, and I’d like to use this week to get things taken care of and off my ‘man, I really need to do X’ list.

So here is my to-do list for the week:

Cleaning stuff:

  • Unfuck dresser
  • Unfuck closet
  • Box of papers in craft closet
  • Work on boxes from attic
  • Unfuck nightgown drawer
  • Switch out seasonal clothes
  • Thin out bookshelves
  • Deep clean bathroom


Crafty stuff:

  • Fix 31 blanket
  • Fitbit wristband
  • Coffee sleeve
  • Totebag pocket
  • New purse?
  • Fix walking shirts
  • Seaglass suncatcher
  • Crochet wire plants
  • Crochet bath poufs
  • Alligator pencil case


I’ll check in at the end of week and we can see how much I actually got accomplished.  Hopefully, it’s a lot.  In the meantime:

lets get dirty

Travel journal

I mentioned my travel journal in an earlier post, so I thought I’d take a few moments to actually do a post about it.  For some reason, the journaling bug really dug into me this year;  it’s never really been an thing with me.  So this is my first travel journal.

As with the other journals I’ve mentioned I totally DIYed this one, starting with another super cheap sketchbook from Walmart.  This one, actually.  Some scrapbook paper and self-adhesive laminating sheets later and it looks like this:

tj 1

The ‘Pack Your Bags’ sticker was leftover from another project.  I printed out some travel-themed pictures from the internet and added them to the inside of the front cover and the first page, along with some washi tape and stamps.

tj 2

There’s an index on the next page, and I added a bookplate with my name and contact info to the inside of the back cover, just in case.

tj 3

You can see that there’s only a couple of trips listed so far.  There’s no restrictions as to what constitutes a trip, though, so day trips to nearby state parks?  Downtown Charlotte for the day?  Totally go in the book.  Places I dream of visiting?  Places I’ve been and long to revisit?  Favorite places to travel?  They’ll all go in the book.

This van that someone in the neighborhood had for sale, that was just made for an epic cross-country road trip?  Neither of which I can afford?  In the book.

tj 4

Wanting to travel, but having your bank account mock you?  In the book.

tj 5

I found this free printable map of the US on Pinterest, and had to add it to the journal.  I had to do a bit of fiddling to make it the right size to fit, but then I just cut it out, cut it in half, and pasted it onto the pages.  Then I took some colored pencils and colored in all the states that I’ve been to.  Also, I just had to add the dotted-line route and the little car.  🙂

tj 6

One day all the states will be filled in.  Also, can you tell I grew up in the central US? 🙂

I don’t travel as much as I used to, or as much as I’d like to, because, well, money.  But I’m going to travel as much as I can afford, and I’m going to fill at least one book.  No matter how long it takes.

I started a journal journal

This year I started a crochet journal.  I also started a travel journal (which I’ll probably post about at some point).  This month I started a journal journal.

Apparently, journaling is thing I do now.  I blame Pinterest.


I had a journal many many many many many years ago, when I was a much younger AmyLou.  I actually came across it recently as I was going through some boxes in the attic.  Oh, younger self.

I’ve always liked the idea of journaling, but the reality of what I thought it had to be – writing everyday, deep introspection, meaningful entries – was daunting and tedious.  Recently I realized that it doesn’t have to be anything but what I want it to be.

I know, duh, right?  Haha!

I’ve also been made aware – via Pinterest, of course – of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith, and of a ton of journal prompts that have nothing to do with deep soul searching.  So I decided to collect a bunch and take another run at journaling.

journal 1

I decided not to invest in an expensive or fancy journal, but DIYed my own with a cheap sketchbook from Walmart and some scrapbook paper.  And when I say cheap, I mean it was $1 and some change.  The one I used is over by the office supplies, not the art supplies.  If anyone’s interested.

I removed the covers from the journal, and used some spray adhesive that I already had to affix the scrapbook paper to both sides of the front cover.  It wasn’t my intention to do it that way, but I screwed up which side of the front cover I sprayed, so I ended up having to do both sides.  Luckily, the scrapbook paper was a two-sided design so it all worked out in the end.  Happy accident, I suppose, haha.

journal 4

I feel like the cover page needs a bit ‘more’, but I’m not sure what yet.  I’m not an artist, so drawing something is out.  Maybe a little ‘about me’ thing?  Age and stuff?  Hm.  Suggestions?

journal 3

I collected prompts off of Pinterest, printed them out, cut them up, and tossed them in a jar.  It’s an old pickle jar, btw, with a spray painted lid.  On days I decide to journal, I’ll pull out a prompt at random and that’s what I’ll do.  The prompts are a mix of Wreck This Journal type prompts and regular, lighthearted, journal prompts.  I also plan to do some non-prompt entries as well.  I already have a couple planned.

journal 2

Washi tape and baker’s twine, because why not?

So far I’ve done three entries, and I’m really enjoying it.  Do any of you have a preferred journaling style?


Today my mom and I went to my late grandpa’s house to steal trees

Well, to take cuttings from his two dogwood trees in the hopes of getting baby dogwood trees.

dogwood 1

He had a white one and a pink one, so we took cuttings from both trees.  I know it’s not the best time of year to do this – it really should be done when the tree is done blooming – but we’ve put my grandpa’s house on the market and we don’t know how long it’s still going to be ours.  So we went today and got what we wanted.


dogwood 2

I took three pink cuttings and three white cuttings.  Right now, they’re sitting on the workbench in the garage, but tomorrow I’ll find a better spot to keep them while they do their thing.  Hopefully everything will work out, and take root, and my parents and my sister and I will all have a dogwood or two from grandpa.


I’m also experimenting with a pink cutting in water, in my window.  Just to see what happens.  Maybe it’ll grow!

Tuesday Ten

I’ve spent the past week suffering from a sinus… thing.  It was awful, and I got next to nothing done.  I’m only now starting to feel better.  I’ll do my best to get a crochet post up this week, but in the meantime have another ten-minute writing exercise.

One home improvement I would like to do is:

I would love to convert the unused area of the attic.  We have part of the attic for storage, but most of the attic space over the house is empty.  Well, not empty really, but it’s taken up by ‘the octopus’.  Our HVAC system is up there, and instead of ductwork, it’s all tentacles spreading out all over the attic.

octopus monster

This is just a portion of it.

If we could somehow change that, and move the joists/support beams up higher, I would love to have a nice big craft room up there.  We’d also have to insulate and run electric and ductwork, but if that could all magically happen – along with a few more windows – I think it would be the perfect crafting space.