Purple Corner Granny

The store admin at the store I work in is leaving us soon – her husband was transferred to Texas (he’s already there) and she’s moving as soon as their house sells.

She’s such a nice person, and that job is probably the hardest job in the store, so I wanted to make her something as a thank you for all she does for us.  I not-at-all-subtley asked for her favorite color, then told her to nevermind why when she asked why I was asking, lol.

I knew I wanted to make a throw, but it needed to be something easy that could be worked up quick.  After searching Ravelry I settled on this pattern from Lion Brand yarn.  A simple granny blanket, with a twist.  The pattern calls for Vanna’s Choice, but I used Red Heart because of both the color selection and the amount of yarn you get per skein.

I used Pale Plum, Lavender, Medium Purple, and Dark Orchid.

Ta-da!  43 inches square of soft, cuddly blanket!






Evergreen blanket

A while ago when I organized my stash, I discovered that I had a TON of Caron Perfect Match in Evergreen.  I want to say it was something like seven skeins and balls of yarn, but I didn’t count.  I should have.

I don’t remember buying it, so it must have been given to me by someone cleaning out their own stash.  Years ago my mom (who also crochets) received a few bags of yarn from a co-worker, and I’m pretty sure the Caron came from that.

Over the summer I was looking for a simple project I could work on while marathoning season one of Supernatural, and remembered all that green yarn upstairs in the attic.  DING DING DING.  I wanted something easy that I didn’t really have to concentrate on, something mindless that I didn’t have to think about.


Back-loop only double-crochet to the rescue!

I didn’t have a set size I was working towards, I was just crocheting until the yarn ran out.  I didn’t even make of note of what my beginning chain was.  Oops!  Oh, well.  It ended up being 47 inches wide and 50 inches long.  Not a bad size at all.


I don’t really need another blanket – not that that’s ever stopped any of us before! – so from the beginning I was planning on donating this blanket somewhere.  Hopefully somewhere local, to someone or someplace that could really use it.

I finished the blanket at the end of September but before I could really figure out a place to donate it, Hurricane Matthew moved along the coasts of the Carolinas.  A woman I work with started collecting items for the flood victims, and that seemed like the perfect place for this blanket.  I live and work closer to the mountains in North Carolina than the coast, but I’d been on the Outer Banks – for the first time – just days before the hurricane.

Hopefully this blanket will bring some small comfort to someone who needs it.

Ivy blanket

I recently made a blanket for a co-worker’s new baby girl.  Luckily, I already had some baby yarn in my stash from a commission last year.  It was even the right colors!

You might remember how, after organizing and seeing exactly how much yarn I actually had, I resolved to only used stashed yarn for any new projects.  I didn’t have a lot of baby yarn, but I had enough to get a decent sized blanket.  It came out a bit of an odd size, because I only used what I had, nothing more, but I think it’s still a good size for a baby blanket.

36 inches wide, by 26 inches long/tall.  Big enough to wrap a baby in, and that’s all that matters.

Ivy blanket 1

I used Bernat Softee Baby in Pink, Mint, and White, and an H hook.

I totally winged the pattern, because I didn’t know exactly how much yarn I had, and didn’t want a pattern that would eat it up.  So I was just going to do double crochets with blocks of color, but then I remembered a stitch pattern that I’d used in a previous project.  I wasn’t sure if it would work without redoing the whole thing, but it totally worked!  Yay!

Ivy blanket 2

I was going to make both colored sections the same, but decided to switch them up a little bit.

Ivy blanket 3

I wrote the pattern down, so if there’s interest I’ll share it.  It probably needs to be tested before I release it into the wild, though.  It’s an easy enough pattern to make longer.  It only came out the size it did because that was literally all the yarn I had.  If I’d more yarn it would have been a bit bigger.

Ivy blanket 4

E’s car blanket

When my niece was born four years ago, I made a little car seat blankie for her.  It was 19×24 inches, and I used the two-color wave stitch from the Crochet Stitch Bible.


As she moved from an infant carrier to a car seat, she used it as a lap blanket in the car.  Well, last month she finally outgrew it.  My sister told me that E’s feet were sticking out the bottom of it, and asked me to make her a new one.  Of course I’m going to say yes!

E picked out the colors – blues, of course – and I got to work.

I tried to use the same pattern, but for some reason I just couldn’t get it to work.  After TWO DAYS of fiddling around with it and getting frustrated, I said fuck it and picked a whole new pattern.  I chose the Ribbon Afghan pattern by Olivia Rainsford.

It’s an easy pattern, and looks great with multiple colors of yarn.  It’s a great stash-buster pattern!

I tend to chain tightly, so I always make my chains with the next hook size up from the hook I’m actually going to use.  So for this project I chained 150+2 with an I hook, and then switched to an H hook for rest of the blanket.

E's car blanket 2

It came out 23×41 inches.  Long enough that she’ll hopefully be able to use it for quite a few years.

For the yarn, I used Impeccable Loops & Threads in Clear Blue and White, and Red Heart SS in Royal and Turqua.

Here’s a picture where you can better see the difference in color between the Clear Blue and the Turqua:

E's car blanket 3

Dixie deemed it warm enough for the small human.

I made the mistake of showing it to E before it was done, because I wanted to make sure it was going to be long enough.  After that, she kept asking when she was going to get her new blanket, and telling my sister that they needed to see me because E needed her new blanket, lol.  She was very happy and excited when I finished it and gave it to her.


Shades of Blue blanket

I decided to make my niece E a blanket for her January birthday. She was turning four, but if you ask her now, she’s still three. She had an actual meltdown about turning four; she did not want to have a birthday.  What kid doesn’t want to have a birthday?  This one, apparently.

She was fine by the time she had the party with all her friends, but she still says she’s three when you ask her.  My sister is not pushing it.  If she wants to be three, she’s three.

E’s favorite color is blue, so I gathered up all the different kinds of blues I had in my stash, and got to work.  I decided to do this in the tail-end of November, so I picked a pattern that would be super easy and quick since her birthday is January 4th.

shades of blue 2

I went with a simple, four-round granny square, turning after each round.  I like how turning after each round creates a ridged effect in the square.  Plus, I feel that it keeps the square from getting cock-eyed like if it was all worked in the same direction.  You know how granny squares seem to tilt a little bit?  Turning after each round seems to stop that.

Joining as I went along helped it work up quickly.  I loved seeing those rows build and build.

For the border, I used Bunny Mummy’s method of crocheting around joined granny squares.  Doing the first round of the border this way helps to keep it flat.  I knew that I wanted a small, simple border, so I did my first round in single crochet grannies, then did a second round in regular single crochet.

shades of blue 3

Where the squares joined, I actually did half-double crochets because of the way they dipped in a bit.  That helped keep the border even all the way around.

It ended up being 46 inches long and 35 inches wide.  Ten squares down and eight squares across.  The perfect size for a four three-year-old.

I finished it – washing and drying and photographing – on the day of her birthday. Phew!  Nothing like cutting it super close, lol!

My sister and niece came over that afternoon, so I was able to give it to her right away.  She loved it!  She loved all the different blues, and loved that it had holes in it that she could see through.  The next day my sister texted me and told me that E took the blanket to bed with her without being asked!  And then a few days later she told me that when they cuddle on the couch, E brings the blanket with her.  My sister is happy that she no longer has to share her blanket when they cuddle, lol.

Hearing how much E loves her blanket just fills my heart with joy.

Having someone say how much they love something I made them and how beautiful they think it is, definitely makes me happy.  But knowing that they use it all the time and love it that much, makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.  It’s definitely a different feeling, at least for me.