Apparently yesterday was  a journal day.

I’d taken a trip into Charlotte last week to visit some art museums, and yesterday I got around to entering that trip into my travel journal.

travel journal

I hit the Bechtler, the Mint Museum Uptown, and the Mint Museum Randolph all in one day. Which was kind of a lot, but it’s an hour trip into Charlotte, so I wanted the day to be worth it.

After I spent literally the entire morning working on that entry, I took a lunch break, then updated my crochet journal with my latest finished project.  Which I still need to post here.

crochet journal

I didn’t do much else yesterday besides work on my journals, but sometimes you just need a day like that.


Crochet Journal

Late last year I suddenly got the urge to start a crochet journal.  Like, a physical journal of my crocheting.  I have a Ravelry page, of course, but I also wanted a hard copy, so to speak.  Maybe it’s a part of getting older, but I wanted something that could possibly be passed on to later generations.  Great Aunt Amy’s crocheting journal, haha.

So I went shopping and picked up an inexpensive sketchbook from Walmart and some shelfliner from Big Lots, and got crafty.

crochet journal 1

I covered the front cover with the self-stick shelf paper, wrapping it around to the inside of the cover.

crochet journal 2

I searched Pinterest for some inspirational crafty sayings, printed them out, and pasted them onto the inside of the cover and the first page.  I also cut up some washi tape and scattered it on the first page to add some color.


crochet journal 3crochet journal 4

The first entry, my niece’s blue blanket.  I noted the start and finish dates, blanket size, hook size, and a little bit about how I made it.  On the next page I washi taped samples of all the yarn I used, and noted the brand and color.  The following page has pics of the finished blanket.


crochet journal 5crochet journal 6

Another entry, for a car blanket I recently finished.  This time I included the yarn label as well as the yarn.  Consider this page a preview of the blog post for it!


crochet journal 7

I even included my recent yarn organization.

I’m really enjoying doing this, taking the time to sit down and write it all out as opposed to just quickly typing it into Ravelry.  Of course I’m still using Ravelry, that’s not going to change, but I really like having this physical journal that I can get creative in, too.