Little Box of Crochet

I know I’m super late to this party, but I got my first LBoC box just before Christmas, and I’m so thrilled with everything inside it I just wanted to share!

For those who don’t know, Little Box of Crochet is a UK-based subscription box company.  Every month they send you a little box of crochet which has a pattern and everything you need to complete the project, plus a few extra goodies.

Since I signed up on one of the last days of November, and (at the time) they ship out based on your subscription date, I received the November box a few days before Christmas.


There’s two patterns in the little booklet – one for a fall wreath and one for a brooch.  Since I’m not really a ‘brooch person’ I’ll probably make that into another hanging decoration.  I love how they literally send you everything you’ll need – including a darning needle!


They included this cute hook in the proper size for the pattern and yarn, a wire hoop for the base of the wreath, a pin back for the brooch, and a darning needle.

I also LOVE that ‘Hey Hey Let’s Crochet’ sticker.  I want that on a pin!


Love these colors!  This is Petra 3 by DMC, and it’s a lot thinner than the yarn I’m used to working with but I’m looking forward to the challenge.


Look at this adorable stitch marker!


Green velvet ribbon to hang the wreath and make a bow for the brooch.


And this cute little card, from Posy & Petal, which I’m planning on sending on to an internet friend who’s going through a rough patch right now.  Hopefully it’ll bring a bit of cheer.

I’m really looking forward to digging into this box and making these patterns, though I can’t say for sure when that’s going to be.